Racist Chinese Commercial Washes Blackness Away in Laundry

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May. 27, 2016

A laundry detergent commercial out of China has sparked controversy over its blatant racism. In the commercial a black man with paint on his face is flirting with a Chinese woman who is doing laundry. As he leans in for a kiss she puts a detergent capsule in his mouth and tosses him into the laundry machine. When the wash cycle finishes out pops a handsome, clean Chinese man. The detergent is from Qiaobi, a star brand that creates a new concept for scientifically doing laundry. A large number of Africans live in China and have complained about discrimination and prejudice from locals due to the widespread stigma against dark skin. Nik Zecevic and Joya Mia Italiano take a closer look at the ad and how the internet has responded on the Lip News.